The Magic of Keywords

Chances are, you’ve heard all sorts of things about search engine optimization. SEO for short, this is a practice of making your website more desirable to search engines, which in turn boost your rating. This is very important as the higher your rating is with search engines, the more traffic you receive. Naturally, the more traffic you have the more potential sales you make, whether you make money off of ads or off of the sale of products. However, this is something you probably are not able to do on your own. Keyword-DensityAlthough there are some tweaks you can make on your own in order to make marginal improvements, with the ever changing requirements of search engines and everything that goes into it, it can become incredibly difficult for you to do this on your own. With some general assistance, you can see your website make drastic jumps, and you’ll see these kinds of improvements all thanks to the assistance of SEO.

More Than a Keyword

Now, since you run your own website you probably have heard all sorts of information regarding keywords. Keywords are what people type in to find your product on search engines. However, the name is a bit misleading. You want more than just an individual keyword, and even two words put together do not make up much good. You want what is known as a long tail keyword, which is more like a key phrase. Basically, the more specific you can be about your product and website, the more traffic you receive. For example, if you are looking for a particular vehicle online in red and you type in red car into a search engine, what is the chance of you finding exactly what you want immediately The chances are not good at all. In fact, you might have to click through dozens of pages before you find what you want. This just is not going to do anything good for your website. However, if you type in red 1969 Ford Mustang, the chances of you receiving the best possible search result in the first try is now almost 100 percent. You need to do this with your website. The long tail keywords best describe your product, so if you sell handmade oak wooden tables, you would include everything that describes it, instead of just the keyword table, so that you receive the best return to your website.

Not Just for Text

Keywords is more than just something you might use for the text of your website. You also need to tag the images of your website as well. It is rather amazing how simply tagging your images properly can assist you. This starts with saving your images with a keyword specific title. Then, when you upload the content to your website, make sure the image name is the long tail keyword. This way, if someone tries to make a particular search over the Internet in the Image section, your website is more likely to pop up. This is beneficial for a few different reasons. First, it gives you a second option for bringing in people asked on your keywords. Secondly, there are fewer competitors when it comes to image results, so you dont have as much competition, and more images can fit on the opening page of the search results, which means you have a greater chance of landing right on the top of the results. Of course, you can do this with video as well, and having video content on your website is another excellent way to draw in traffic, all of which are based on your keywords.

Remember when it comes to bringing in an SEO company to help assist you with your website improvements and SEO, you need to always focus first on keywords. The long tail keywords are often what makes or brakes your website and how successful it really is. Phoenix-SEOA great company that will help you with keywords, is Managed Admin they will identify what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and where you can help you improve. They will make sure you are targeting the right customers and doing it better than your competition. Definitely make checking out this brilliant SEO company a part of your internet marketing strategy. You can even give them a call at 480-999-3080 to talk to a specialist and see what they can do for you and your business.